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WhatsApp Online Ofline activity in Yansa tracker

friends if you use WhatsApp then this post for you WhatsApp Online Ofline activity in Yansa tracker now a days anyone who has a smartphone run WhatsApp and chat with his friend and talk in many groups.

WhatsApp application is a kind of connecting medium where people talk let’s chat and enjoying through this application. Create your profile in whatsapp create an account with your mobile number and get status it upload the videos and enjoy in status.

if you want to see your friend whether he is online or chatting with him online then you can easily use it official feature in this year WhatsApp. This feature has been provide in WhatsApp you can see that to apart from this there are other thing which I will tell you today in this post.

if you chatting with your friends and you want to see their online and offline activity so WhatsApp have doesn’t feature this track online or offline activity but you can easily track through this application and find your friend activity.

WhatsApp Yansa tracker

this is one of the best application and most popular application. In WhatsApp see your friend activity online and offline. Through this app we can see whether your friends are offline or online or they facility given in the very easily.

with the help of this app you can see if anyone has viewed your profile or how many times they have viewed it.

the link of this app is given below from where you can get it which is very easy click on the button given below and you can get it.

App Features

  • with the help of this app you can see when he appearing online.
  • through this app you can see that when goes offline.
  • this App help to know that how much time spend on WhatsApp just like tracker.
  • this app tells how many people have viewed your WhatsApp profile.

WhatsApp Online Ofline activity in Yansa tracker

this app is very helpful also you can get this app from the link given below which is very easily as soon as you know what is the feature of this app and which on is it.

at what time are very important can we know the online or offline activity of someone which tells us how much time that person spend on WhatsApp.

Install This App👇

How to use this app WhatsApp Yansa tracker

this app provide a very easy interface and help to know your friend online or offline activities. You can get this application from here otherwise you can also get the app by going to play store which is absolutely easily.

after installing this app enable all the permission of your mobile and give allow the permission to this app. After installing this app in the mobile open it after opening the app click on the WhatsApp tracker button.

after that enter your mobile number there whether you are on telegram or WhatsApp you can track everything like just Yansa tracker.

you can choose WhatsApp and enter your contact number after entering number you can find that profile name and tap on the click button app is starting.

you should try to enter the correct number and enter the WhatsApp number so that is easy to track. After entering the number you wait for 15 minutes then it will is start working in up to 15 minute and tell you through a notification.

when you click on the notification the notification tales you who is offline and who is online in the very easy way. Is app provide notification every time when she and he comes online you will get notification very easily and you can use this app very easy.


friends I hope you have understood this app and post WhatsApp Online Ofline activity in Yansa tracker if you have any suggestion than type in comment box given below and share this post with your relative and friends.

friends if you want to track the number of your friends or girlfriend if you want to track WhatsApp then definitely install this app.

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